December 21st, 2014

Looking for Friends!

Hi my name is Jamin, I'm 30 years old from TH. I just started using live journal and I would love to make some friends on here. I love to travel, going to concerts, photography and spending quality time with my dogs and friends.

Some random facts about me:
1. I play the guitar and the drums.
2. I love scary movies
3. I hate dancing around in my undies
4. I'm scared of snake
5. I love working out and motivating others swell
6. I love photography
7. I spend 90% of the day with internet
8. I travel at least three times a week
10. Christmas & new year is my favorite holiday
11. I listen to pretty much all kinds of music
12. Love to read, write, listen to music, dance silly, and hang out with my family & friends.

Let's be frieeeeends! :D
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seeking out life forms that wanna be friends!

hi all! i haven`t done this in a while, but my friends list is kinda dead as far as commenting on my posts.

i`m leah.

26 years old from new jersey. no, it`s not pronounced "JOYZEE" & only us true jersey girls call it DIRTY JERZ. i actually hate it here & wanna get out ASAP. i currently live with my 2 aunts, cousin, 1 cat & 1 "puglette".

i`m a mommy of 2, 3 technically, but i gave my youngest daughter up for adoption this past november.

i`m engaged to the most amazing man (who also pisses me the hell off).

i`m a registered medical assistant & a certified phlebotomist, but i work at a quick-service restaurant currently while i try to get an established career. i also do freelance graphic designing/web design.

i suffer from anxiety & depression. i used to get panic attacks daily, now that has subsided. i`m also manic bipolar & not being treated with medication, only with my own coping mechanisms. i refuse to be put back on medication that i really don`t need.

my posts are mostly me ranting about stupid things that happen in my life, because i don`t have a therapist to talk to about this stuff. i also post updates about how i`m doing, where my life is headed, & on occasion, some pictures may pop up. :)

i`m open to anyone, i`m pro-lgbt, pro-choice (not for myself), & an independent voter. i don`t hate or discriminate. i`m a fun person to be around, usually.

so if you liked that sucky intro, go ahead & add me.

This is me:

Hi, I am a John Paul , but most people call me JP or something around those lines. I'll start with physical description: I am 5´6, young white male with green eyes and bronishs hair. I am South American, i have lived all my life in third world and developing countries. Thus my first language is not English but Spanish, it just happens ive been learning english all my life.

Now to the personal stuff:
I am a person who is fascinated by the way other people think. I do not judge any form of idea due that i dont hold any concept of absolute truth. In my book every idea is fair game and thus it must be analyzed and thought upon. I like talking about things i find interesting; this can vary from the dynamics in romantic relationships to the beauty of a sun rise.

Id love to hear about you all. I do not try to debate ideas, if something I simply ask questions. I am willing to be personal and dedicate time to people who want to share their story with me.

Extra info: i am about to go to college, and somehow i am completely lost in my life. Like a row boat in the midst of pacific ocean. I am interested in all subjects from sex to science to scissors.

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Hiya, i'm Be. A girl (...woman? man that feels weird.) pushing 30, lives in super small town in Oregon. currently single and straight if that matters to people- and probably going to be a spinster at this point. I've been told I'm quirky and bubbly, I make people laugh even though my job has turned me into a cynical asshole (i'm a grocery store employee of 12 years and you bet i have some wtf stories :P) I'm easygoing and respond to "dude" even though I'm most definitely a "dudette" ;P I'm squishy. I cruise the toy aisle and it is not beneath me to buy an action figure or stuffed animal; I like most Disney stuff, I love laughing. If I can't make goofy faces at you from across the room, then what's the point?? have five cats, three dogs and a little pink glofish that's stuck around longer than i thought he would.

also, I'm an INTJ, for those who are into that sort of thing.

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