December 26th, 2014


Hi :)

I've been using livejournal on and off for years, but am making a fresh start, so looking for some new friends - especially those who aren't afraid to voice their opinions on my ramblings!

I'm 23, female, blonde, just finished university (french and history) and started a graduate job (which so far is awful! But it pays the rent!), and mainly just using this to figure stuff out.

Interests: Crafts, art, current affairs, reading reading reading (constantly!), all kind of music (literally from classical to heavy metal depending on my mood), baking, healthy eating/fitness, poetry, writing, and I can't think of much more tbh. I nerd out a lot over things like Doctor Who, historical research, french stuff etc but I guess everyone has an inner nerd! I consider myself a feminist, and am interested in discussions on feminism, as well as fighting against human rights abuses (broad I know, but its hard to summarise my feelings on this!)

That being said, its great getting the thoughts and critiques of people who have completely different backgrounds and interests to me. I'm struggling with depression at the moment, so a lot of/probably the majority of my posts are going to be related to figuring out problems and dealing with that, but my goal is to get feedback from other actual human beings instead of just writing things to myself and getting myself wound up all the time.

Feel free to add :)