December 28th, 2014

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Looking for new friends! :)

I thought I'd look for a few new LJ friends as the new year is coming, so here I go:)

The short story:

Name: Shannon
Birthday: Feb 4, 1983 (Aquarius)
Age: 31 years young
History: When I was a child, I lived in Florida. I suppose that Jacksonville Florida is the closest that I have to a hometown. ^^ I have been moving around a lot since turing 21. I have lived in D.C.,  Oregon and I now live in Asheville, North Carolina! I am married to my husband Chad, for 8 years now. We have two children. Draven, our son is 5 years old. And our daughter, Saoirse, who is 8 months old.
Occupation: I am a Cake Decorater. :) Technically, I work at Whole Foods! I also bake and make coffee drinks at the coffee bar!
Personality: Above anything, creative! I’m a dreamer and and artist♥
Warning: My vices are tv shows/movies, especially Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and Harry Potter. I just love watching a good moive! ^^

- I'm one of those weirdos who are really into Asian Culture which includes things like Anime, Manga, Movies, Jpop/Jrock, Kpop, and Dramas..I don't tend to watch much of it anymore (or post about it) because of my busy life style.

-Our family LOVES to Travel. My current travel plans/goals are to see every state in the USofA. After that, when the kids our older, we plan to see most of the rest of the world. So far we have been to 63% of America and been to Mexico and Canada. I don't make much money so it's a slow goal. Currently my husband is a SAHD, will stay that way forever, I hope..

-Most of the topics in my journal usually range from random rants, even maybe sharing a youtube video. I post lot's of pictures. All around randomness because that's just how I am! ^_^

-I'm looking for people around the same age (although it doesn't matter much) who are open minded and genuine. it also doesn't matter if we are similar or not, as i like to appreciate the differences in people.

-I love music (all time favorite singer is Ayumi Hamasaki), and all types of music.. I listen to pretty much anything. I am really into Pretty Lights and Ratatat at the moment.

-I am pretty much a hippie ...err almost. I dispise most doctors and go the all natural way or the highway. lol.. I mean come on, I work at Whole Foods.

-I use to play video games a lot but not so much anymore. My son Draven, tends to play more than me now, But once in a while I will post about a video game I played.

-my journal is very personal and I usually post about my thoughts and what's happening to me in my life, which isn't always good, just as life is like..

- I would like LJ friends who post and comment regulary and are really interested in reading my journal.. And of course I'll do the same.

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