December 29th, 2014

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Hi, since the new year is coming up I'm hoping to add some new people to my friends list.

☆ 23
☆ Female
☆ Single, no children
☆ Cashier


☆ The Velvet Underground
☆ Joy Division
☆ The Smiths
☆ The Doors
☆ Nirvana


☆ Gone with the Wind
☆ Waterloo Bridge
☆ Badlands
☆ Eraserhead
☆ The Shining


☆ The Twilight Zone
☆ Superjail!
☆ King of the Hill
☆ Bewitched


☆ Ham on Rye
☆ A Streetcar Named Desire
☆ The Bell Jar

My journal is mostly about my struggles with depression which I have recently started getting treatment for. I like to think of myself as a work in progress. In the new year I hope to continue my journey toward self improvement.

If you think we might get along and you aren't bothered by depressing subject matter feel free to add me. I'd prefer if you comment before adding though. If there's anything else you want to know about me feel free to ask. Thanks for reading.
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Hey everyone!

I'm hoping to make some new friends! I don't need an excuse like my friends list is quiet or anything like that!
- My name is Jen
- I'm 28 years old
- I live in Australia
- I love playing video games, at the moment I jam on Advanced Warfare on ps4
- I am in a relationship, long distance, and have been for almost 2 years
- I loooove animals!
- My journal is basically what's going on in every day life. What makes me happy, what's annoying me, all that kind of stuff.
- I update semi-regularly, unless life gets on top of me and I have no time
- I comment, not on every post, but if I have something to say. Regardless, I read all entries.
- I'm friendly!
- I like to get to know people
- If you'd like to be friends just drop me a comment and let me know
- If we do add each other and it doesn't work out, no hard feelings

Happy hunting! :)

Let's find some friends

Pretty straight-forward really. I'd like to get more friends on my LJ. I don't comment a ton, but I do read everything. I like getting a peek into other people's lives I suppose.

Soo... a bit about me. I'm 27, shy. I live in Colorado, work as a property manager (read: landlord). I'm engaged, hopefully going to get married in fall 2015 (I should work on planning that...). I'm a fairly recent divorcee. I play a lot of video games and have two cats. My journal is mostly just a diary... often a play-by-play of my days, sometimes a random vent or thought. I don't need or require comments, but don't mind them either. :) I don't really talk politics in my journal but I am liberal and agnostic. I read and write a lot. I don't have many friends... my day to day life usually consists of work, hanging out with my fiance and/or my family and playing video games.

I tend to write pretty frequently, not usually daily but it can be.

So that's me! Comment if you think we might be a good fit (or not... I'm all about reading about all sorts of people's lives. I don't think we need to necessarily "match" to enjoy reading each other's journals)