April 6th, 2015


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Name - Ash
Age - Twenty Seven
Location - Canada

About me - I work full time at a Hilton Hotel, I laugh like a crazy person because everything is funny to me, I dance a lot, I sing loudly and very badly, My dream in life is to see whales in Alaska and see the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. If I won the lottery I'd buy a huge piece of land and build my dream house, own horses and great danes, and have a big pond and flower garden, thats all I would want. I'm usually pretty sarcastic, most of the time I try to keep positive, I'm always smiling. My sister is my best friend ever. I love learning about different cultures and religions and am very open minded about those things.

What I like - Animals. Traveling. Reading. Writing. Picture taking. Day dreaming. I love Starbucks, Tattoos, Books, Road trips, Music and 80s-90's movies. Hockey, Soccer, Boxing. Vogue and Elle Magazines. Wikipidea. Yukon, Alaska, Native art and Drumming, Politics, Protesting. Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. Camping, Candles. Creative journaling. Decorating. Home Renos.

Feel free to add me if we have anything in common!



Hi. I'm Sarah. I'm a 28 year old married woman. Currently I am pregnant with my first child and I get my two lovely stepdaughters every other weekend.

I work full time as a CNA in a dementia unit. In my off time I can be found reading, playing Clash of Clans, browsing Reddit, jogging, and fishing (yes, I bait my hook, but sadly I am still too squeamish to grab the actual fish and release it.)

What I am looking for:

-Active users

Anyone is welcome to add me. I don't judge.