July 13th, 2015

New Friends Wanted!

Hey there LJ'ers. My name is Jesse, and I'm looking for new friends!

About me: 31 years radical dude. I've done everything from played dungeons and dragons to raced motocross... cocaine to religious campouts... I'm rad-iculous.

I guess the overall theme though is I just do a lot of things. I'm an original New Englander living on the west cost.

I also have a lot of small business experience.

About Me on LJ: I joined many years ago. LJ contributed very much to my life. The connections i formed, the input I received, the the help I give and get... it's formed a lot of who I am today and I desire to continue it. I also loathe the "fun sized" portions of soul on facebook. I desire deep connections with rad people.

I try and read friends posts a few times a week, and comment on as many of them as I can and stay relevant to what's posted.

New Journal, Looking For Friends...


Lately I've been feeling kind of frustrated with the Facebooks... So I thought I'd give LiveJournal another try. I've used LJ a few times in the past. I signed up for my first account 15 years ago, when I was 18. I met a lot of friends on here before I moved to Philly at 19. Later, when I was a college student I created another account and would use LJ for Chemistry HW help via one of the Chem communities. Overall, in my experience it seems that LJ posts are more thoughtful on the whole, whereas Facebook is more superficial.

Anyway, I'm a 33-year-old father of an 11-year-old and an 11-month-old. Two years married. Biotech degree. Southwest Airlines Ramp Agent. Grew up as kind of a weirdo/outcast, and still am, though one learns upon becoming a parent that making the best effort to fit in and give your children the most normal life possible is essential. Spent a lot of time playing in punk bands when I was younger. Occasionally flirt with the idea of giving it another go, but primarily interested in acoustic or "folk" music these days, and have begun doing a solo singer-songwriter thing. Interests include Philosophy, Politics, Music, Literature, Current Events, Parenting...

So yeah... Add me if you think we'd have anything in common...