July 30th, 2015

omg so cute.

Hi <3

My friends list is rather slow so I am looking to add a few friends.

I'm Heather, 35, from NC.

First let me say, I like to keep my list rather low so I can get to know my friends! I like to be able to read your posts and get to know you. I have a no mesh, no hard feelings rule.

Things I enjoy and/or write about: my two year old son, my mental illnesses (tho I'm very stable ATM), my dogs, reading, my weight loss journey, my husband and his MS journey and just every day things.

I like reading, music, mom advice, animals, horror movies, TV shows: aGoT, tWD, OITNB, crappy reality shows.

I don't like: closed minded people, rants about religion or politics. If you write a novel every time you update, never commenting and fan fiction.

You will find I'm very open minded with a great (sick) sence of humor. I make an awesome lj friend if we get to know each other!


I'm Sarah and I'm 21. I'm a homeowner and have a 15 month old son. I live in the metro Detroit area.

I read a lot. I am a medical marijuana patient for my bipolar disorder and social anxiety.

Read my blog for more :)
emma watson

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hello. i am looking for new friends and update regularly.

nat. 27. blogger. australian. chinese.

hates; racism, politics, war, pedophiles, spicey food, and beansprouts.
likes to; hang out with friends, travel, shop, blog, take photos, play the piano, collect snow globes, and read romance books.

i created my space so i can escape from reality. it's a space where i can just blog about anything i want from life experiences to movies to books to stationery. some of my guilty pleasures are watching youtubers, reading romance books, watching korean dramas, and listening to k-pop. i may look innocent but i like watching crime shows on television because it is intense and i like guessing who the murderer is. i'm not really into comedies although i do love a good romantic drama now and then. i am a planner addict and stationery lover. my friends always know what to get me for my birthday! i have an instagram account called @natsmyplanner so that is how obsessed i am when it comes to stationery. those are just some of the things that i love to share on my space.

this journal is public but i always like to know if you have added me so leave a comment below and say hello.

all is welcome.

love n xx