August 3rd, 2015

  • drayca

Friends! Friends? FRIENDS!!!

Heyo everyone!

I've kinda recently come back to LJ land, and after making sure I'd be sticking around I've decided it's time to recruit some new blood!!

About me:

*32yr old dude who thinks he's still 25 for the most part. Maybe 18 depending on the level of fart jokes
*open to people of all walks of life
*karaoke DJ and music lover
*lives in FL
*avid and diehard Disney fanatic
*single father of a 1yr old and a 14yr old.

What I'm looking for in friends:

*any age/sex/whatever
*can post something other than drama and negativity. doesn't have to be deep, just not constant complaining
*willing to have comment conversations and actually get to know each other
*light on the mental illnesses, or at least have them in check so it's not all you post about

My LJ is friends only, so comment here and I'll add you! Don't, and I'll sadly never know you exist. NOBODY WANTS THAT!!!!

Me (25F) looking for LJ Friends! (YOU)

I've had a livejournal for several years now but I only recently got back into journaling and I want to talk more with other LJ users!

My name is Lindsay, I'm 25, in the Boston area (US). I just graduated with my Masters and I'm currently job-hunting.

My interests include:

  • nerd stuff - marvel and the like, some comics, lots of sci-fi or fantasy tv shows or books (ASOIAF, person of interest, the walking dead and the like -- that genre)

  • reading

  • sports I follow baseball mostly, but occasionally hockey/football/tennis/golf

  • cats

  • music & concerts

  • lifting

I'm writing about my weekend adventures, my relationships, my cats, my fitness journey, my silly instagram pictures, my job/job hunt, my struggles and my successes.

My journal is friends only so comment here or there to be added. I'm looking forward to reading new friend entries and chatting about stuff.