August 17th, 2015

In search of new friends


I'm Mike. This is a new journal that I created as a place to vent, share whatever's on my mind, make new friends, and provide an escape from the ebb and flow of everyday life. I'm a 36 year old Registered Nurse trying to make his bones and find himself in Big Sky Country. I'm currently single with no rug rats running around, but it doesn't matter to me if you are or aren't/do or don't.

I moved to Montana from Georgia 2 years ago on a whim, seeking a fresh start and looking to get closer to the abundant outdoor recreational opportunities that the treasure state offers. I love mountains and wide open spaces.

Photography is a passion of mine, and I also love random road trips and adventures and just driving around aimlessly and finding new places to explore.

Politically, I'm all over the map. I'd probably characterize myself as libertarian with a small "l," but I'm pretty tolerant as long as you don't advocate mass genocide or the sacrifice of your first born on a full moon (second, third, and fourth born are perfectly fine). My bar for "I disagree with this person, so I don't want anything to do with them" is actually pretty high.

I have no friends who use livejournal in real life anymore, but I find this platform to be more intimate and a better medium for what I intend to use it for than the more popular social media outlets. So, I'm here to remedy that problem.

I'm a little bit shy, a bit strange, and a little bit manic.

Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in a few years, so please bear with me. My name is Robin and I'm 30 years old from Virginia. I've lived in the same zip code my whole life and have never been out of the country and don't own a passport. But I have been to Los Angeles three times, El Paso, Chicago, the outer banks, and New York. I've been using livejournal since 2001 and have had this username since 2004. I'm extremely liberal and some of my posts are political so no republicans/conservatives please. I live with my kitty, a one-year-old gray tabby named Franz Ferdinand and he is my world. I am an animal lover and a human tolerater. My journal is a mix of politics and everyday inanities of my life. I work two jobs, one at UPS and one in retail even though I have a degree in English from VCU. I'm awkward and introverted and prefer to keep to myself so I don't have a lot of friends. I'm working on that though and trying to reach out to new people. I enjoy writing, listening to vinyl, swimming, politics, photography, singing, the beach, the 90s, classic rock, eating, nostalgia, animals, sleep, sushi, Chinese food, Mexican food, surfing, Disney movies, underground hip hop, and watching football (especially college). I dislike the heat, reading, getting up early, cleaning, and bigots of all kinds. I'm active and update regularly but my journal is friends only. If there is anything else you want to know, just ask.

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Hi :)

30-something, Michigan, engaged but no kids or pets. Been on lj since 2004, under three main different names.

Slowly recovering alcoholic (possibly) , recovered drug user (over 4 years) and self-harm (probably year and a half), but still have issues and am seeking new doctors for medication (just switched insurances). Anxiety, low immune system so I have health issues that come up.

Interests: Writing, psychology, astrology, tarot, cooking. MUSIC (rock/pop mostly but I appreciate most genres). Comedy tv and mostly drama/horror movies. Favorite authors Anne Rice, Stephen King, V.C. Andrews is a guilty pleasure.

Work in retail...used to be in the health care field. Still unsure of what I want to do, trying to discover myself.

Very blunt.

Let me know if interested. :)


Im acctaully fairly new to this. Was hoping for this to be the beginning of something new since I do enjoy writing and reading about other peoples thoughts and experiences.

My name is Yvonne, 16 years of age. I work at a phone company known as Metropcs. I enjoy meeting new people and having friendly conversations with anyone. One of my favorite things to do is photograph with my handy gadget. A youngster trying to head somewhere in the future. I currently live in the capital of Texas. Beautiful Austin, TX. I am Hispanic. I am a fulltime student at Austin High School, Class of 2017.

Feel free to add me as a friend. I will try to keep updated as much as i can since i do have a job and school to take care of.

Add me 😄❤
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My name is Jas, I'm 34 and I'd like to add more people to my friends list hopefully.
I live in the middle of nowhere in Michigan and I work as a housekeeper for the eldery.
I'd classify myself as a freelance novelist though, but who ISN'T working on the 'next great american novel' these days?

My journal is alot of day to day stuff, my hubby of two years and I are TTC, so some entries will be about that, but it isn't the end all be all of what I write about.  I also bitch about my job, post funny pictures, you tube clips, other random musings. I'm attempting to lose weight, so I talk about some too.

I won't likely comment on every single post you make and I don't expect you to do the same.  Once in awhile is nice though.  I don't really have a huge list of journalistic turn offs, but constant chatter about politics would bore me.  I do appreciate a good political discussion though.  My father in law and I are about as far apart politically as you can get and we have great conversations.

I like all kinds of kinds, men, women, bi, straigth, non binary, whatever.
I myself am bisexual, my sister in law is a lesbian, so I don't have any issue with that either.
Other likes are The Beatles, Supernatural, Bob Seger, the outdoors and cheese.

I won't really place an age minimum or maximum on potental friends, but I tend to mesh better with the 18+ crowd.
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