August 27th, 2015


Hello everyone. I've been on LJ off and on for many years. I hope to restart journaling again. If you would like to connect with me, I'd love for you to friend me.

I'm 29-years-old and live in the Netherlands. I am a part-time psychology student through the Open University. I also struggle wiht mental health issues myself and will probably write about those regularly. My hobbies are writing, surfing the Internet (and combining the two in LJ and a blog), reading and crafts. My journal so far is mostly friends-locked but I have a very liberal friending policy. Basically, if we don't know each other in real life and you aren't a troll, I'm happy to friend you.

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Name: Katherine
Age: 25
Location: Texas
Job: Currently unemployed. Taking GED classes and trying to get that so I can go to school to be a Nail Technician.
Relationship: Single
Children: none.
Pets: A rabbit. Her name is Valentina, Tina for short. She's my spoiled little fur child.
Hobbies: Playing the sims, movies and tv, nail art.
What I write about:

I've been on LJ off and on for a long while. I very rarely post about anything personal because that's never been my reason for joining. I've mostly always just posted icons and other graphic art type things I've made, used it for role-playing games, and for posting my sims legacies and things like that. I might start posting more often, about more things, maybe some personal life type things if I can get a few friends that might be interested in seeing any of that. I'm very quiet both here and in real-life, so don't expect a million comments from me on every single post you make. I do make an effort to comment on things I find interesting, or if I have something to say/add to the conversation, but it won't be every post you make.

new friends

My name is Andrea and I'm getting back into LJ again. Most of my old friends are MIA

I recently moved from my downtown apartment in Portland to a house in a city forty-five minutes away that is much too big for me. I have a siamese cat and a little house bunny.

Movies: I like classic movies with Bette Davis, Wes Anderson, Lars Von Trier and horror films.

Books: The Sun Also Rises by Hemmingway is my favorite. I like Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beuvoir and Harry Potter. Right now I'm reading Wildwood.

Music: I have a love for Jenny Lewis. Lee Hazelwood, Dolly Parton, Leonard Cohen, and Serge Gainsbourg are some other favorites.

TV: The X FIles, Boardwalk Empire, Twin Peaks, The Fall, The Twilight Zone, It's Always Sunny, Curb Your Enthusiam, Eastbound and Down and Downtown Abbey are my tops.

Interests: Long baths, gin and tonics, smoking in my garden, naps, the ocean, leisure time, history and conspiracy theories. I'm a makeup artist that recently quit her job to focus on school. I'm a senior going for a Psych degree with a minor in Philosophy. I've been learning French and have started playing piano again. I'm twenty-six and have been with my husband for six years.
Music: Gackt 3

Looking for a friend? You found one!

So I'm looking to meet some awesome new folks around here. I'm very active on here and post anywhere from a few times a week to several times in one day. I can be pretty annoying, not going to lie. XD
Ah, but you'd like to know a bit more about me, first, huh? Alright then!

My name is Sheryl but I go by many names: Sherri, FruitLoop, Coconut, Coco, and Boo are just a few of the many nicknames I have. In case you can't tell, two of my nicknames are in my username: the "smiley" part is actually my mother's nickname and I chose that because she is a very important person in my life. Anyway. I'm 26 years young and I live with a few mental health disorders (schizoaffective disorder and PTSD are the two major ones). Sometimes I elaborate quite a bit on my experiences with my mental and physical health, but it's not an everyday thing. I attend an adult partial care program (we call it "club") during the week, where I'm learning coping skills to manage my symptoms: I tend to mention it in passing unless something significant happens. I also live in an assisted living facility, where I'm learning to be more independent. I plan on going back to college in January, so I tend to talk about that now and then.

My posts, generally, are about day-to-day things. Sometimes I add things I find on the internet (say, a song or picture). If I'm perfectly honest, there can be quite a variety in the things I post.

Anything else, feel free to ask! I also have a lot of my interests listed on my "friends only" post (yes, most of my journal is friends only). Leave me a comment here or there if you'd like to add me. And don't be afraid of rejection: I can get along with almost anyone. :)
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