September 17th, 2015


It's that time of year again!

Hey everyone.

-- I'm 30 years which isn't as scary as I thought it'd be.
-- American.
-- I'm a full time Pet Groomer by day - Photographer by night.
-- Avid book reader and a bit on the geeky side.
-- Child Free.
-- Gamer.
-- Addicted to Netflix.

I enjoy --
-- Doctor Who. Sherlock. Game of Thrones. Mad Men.
-- Science & Nature Documentaries.
-- Tim Burton. Halloween. All things spooky and creepy.
-- Simon Pegg

My Journal --
-- Friends only.
The usual topics consist of life, love, work, pets and the occassional photo.
You won't find much drama in my journal or anything about religion, politics, sex, or mental disorders.
I use writing challenges and journal prompts on days I've nothing better to write about.

Friending --
Are you friendly?
Are you an active user? (at least 1 to 2 posts per week)
Do you enjoy interacting and connecting with your livejournal friends?
Great! Comment to introduce yourself and add me! I'll most likely add you back.
rock n roll

Add moi?

Hey there! Well it's time to get some active LJ friends since they all dropped off to facebook.
About me...

  1. Addicted to Netflix. (walking dead, Dexter, true blood, house, six feet under, scrubs, strangers with candy, lost, american horror story, breaking bad, pretty little liars (guilty pleasure), supernatural, etc

  2. Writer/poet

  3. Britpop/Indie rock obbsessed! pulp, suede, oasis, the national,the killers, the raveonettes, the Jesus and Mary chain, ettc

  4. I'm 38- leo!

  5. Love indie and horror films

  6. I'm highly sensitive

  7. I have severe depression and anxiety disorders

  8. I have chronic pain

  9. Love photo manipulation

  10. I have 3 best friends

  11. I'm pan-sexual

  12. I'm a fattie, but trying to love myself

  13. I adore dark, surreal art

  14. I still mentally feel 15, and physically 90!

  15. I have the BEST memory

  16. I'm very kind and pretty

  17. I love to sing---BADly

  18. I write for music/movie/lit magazines

  19. I have published a poetry book, and a novel.

  20. I live in Seattle and grew up as a teen into the grunge scene.

Stuff I write about...

  1. Sex, drugs, rock 'N' Roll- so be 18+

  2. My life-day to day stuff.

  3. Some, but little photography

  4. Poetry posts

  5. Dark mood posts- depression, anxieties, addictions

  6. occasional sad self promos of my books

  7. Some lyrics or YouTube videos of britipop and indie bands

I do not like...

  1. massive baby posts

  2. Politic rants- although i'm very liberal and for Bernie Sanders

  3. non of the "isms" Race/gender/size/age

  4. Religious posts

  5. excessive animal posts (photos)