January 14th, 2016

  • caseyj

Hey there!

I'll throw my hat into the crowd as well, just to see if anyone is interested.

My name is Ken, I'm a 35 year old male from Michigan.

I've had my LJ for over 15 years now.. it has seen its flurry of activity, and of recent.. a very large gap of people not really commenting, or being a part of a journal community. I understand because it is a part of life, and well, I'm not glued to the computer as much as I used to be either.

I'm a father to a almost 1 year old... and I've been married for just over 3 years. My little one and my wife are a huge part of me. For a job, I'm a whore to the automotive industry, sometimes I mind it, and sometimes I don't. When I mind it, I fall back on my photography that I have built a business on. It has taken a little bit of a back seat now that my priorities in life have changed a bit. But, all of that is for the better.

I like: Star Wars - Hockey - Baseball - Football - Food - Craft Beer - Sex - Experimenting with things that was once taught to me to be 'bad' and 'illegal'. What's a little fun without being stupid about it? Photography - talking - and being happy.

I dislike: Negative people. The Dentist. HAAAATE the dentist. And I try not to hate many things.

I love to talk... I love to get to know people... And I also understand that everyone has their own history that makes up their own story. :)

If you'd like to add me up, I'd like to have the chance to get to know you!
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