January 15th, 2016


Not new to lj just refreshing FL

I'm Laura and I haven't been on lj in a few years now. Life had moved in and taken over. In that absenct I've lost most of my friends on here. I'm a super open minded person. I have thee children which I do post about. My family deals with Autism spectrum disorder,tbi,anxiety,and a whole bunch more. I am a huge family person and love my children and grandson and husband.
I'm a photographer and child care provider and even on occasion sell Avon(but don't worry I don't bug people to buy because that's just annoying). My thoughts are wrote as they come so my Grammer sucks most of the time. Music is my addiction I love it...all of it. I love nature,art and just having fun.
Don't let the grandma bit scare you off I'm only 46. With that said im thinking friends 21+ is best as i would like to have things in common. So add me if you like and I'll do the same.

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Salutations, everyone!

Hey there folks! I'm certainly not new to the world of LiveJournal, but it's been a year since I last updated and have been thinking about getting this journal up and running again. I feel as though I never have any time to write anymore, so I'm going to try and give this another shot.

Here's a few things about me:

I'm Christa, a 26 year old Canadian girl living on the outskirts of Toronto.
I work in a thrift store, and have some pretty crazy stories to share about the folks I encounter every day.
Reading is my favourite hobby; good thing I'm in charge of the book section at work. Or perhaps not, since I own half of what comes in...
I'm a movie nut. I totally admit to binge-watching movies and TV shows all the time. I just love getting emersed in different worlds.
I'm a Christian, and I practice witchcraft. I collect gemstones and herbs, light candles and incense for rituals and prayers, and try to find time to meditate and reflect as often as I can.
I love all things Tolkien and Star Wars.
I can be pretty nerdy at times.
As far as music goes, I listen to a wide range of things. Rock, country, rap, opera, you name it.

I'm not picky about the people who add me. I love meeting new folks and making new friends. Who knows, maybe we'll really click! Feel free to add me if you wish, I'd love to hear from you!