January 27th, 2016


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Hi there,

I enjoy talking to strangers about their passions because I love the way they light up. People say I'm outgoing in real life. But reality is I have many acquaintances and friends but no true homies or best friends.

On LJ trying to find people with similar interests or people that like to ponder about societal norms or the psychology of people.

- I used to be a health freak, and you may see some posts about it.
- I go to clubs, raves, music festivals in California.
- I question my actions and the actions of others.
- I am trying to use LJ as a way to cognitively change the way I think and live my life by trying to focus on the postives rather than the negatives in my life.
- trying to balance my leisure time and work time as a 20 something year old adult.
- I am a tomboy that knows how to put on make up that is flattering for my own face.
- I love piercings and tattoos.
- I believe in the paranormal because I am somewhat good at meditating and I see things sometimes.
- I am ENTP, Libra, & a horse. If you guys like to look into those things. I kind of do. Not that I believe everything though.
- I like to dance, watch comedy or superhero movies, and eat.
- I am open minded, opinionated, trust very little people, blunt, and kind of friendly.
- I'm not straight edge. But I do work with autistic kids and manage research projects. I work two jobs because I am an independent due to the fact that my mom was murdered and my dad had cancer. Its just me and my little brother in this world now.

Disclaimer: I try to comment on other people's LJ, but to be honest, I tend to be more active on LJ before or after I post in my own journal. And I can't promise that I post weekly.