March 4th, 2016


Hello friends

My name is André Weichelt
I'm photographer and travel the world. I want to talk about my travel here. Thoughts which can sometimes also have political backgrounds. What is not so respected on Facebook. I am a very social oriented person. And will also publish pictures by my travels here.
I would be looking forward if you follow me. Even better would be the exchange of ideas with you.
Your André
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Hi folks

Sigh...the dreaded part of returning to LJ after leaving. Making new friends from scratch. :)

Just a few things about myself

I'm 44 years of age.
I'm a gay dude although I'm told I'm pretty bad at most of it.
I'm a former a lot of things.
I've had a lot of experiences because my mindset is one of, "Ok, haven't done x before. Let's see where this leads"
I suffer and sometimes enjoy being ADHD
I live to learn, not to be right
I'm a bit militant about being a friend or enemy.
I have a huge interest in other people's lives and their experiences that helped shape who they are and what they chose to become
I'm largely misunderstood.

Ok, that followed no format at all but I guess it'll do.

I have a few interests of my (beginner), creative writing (beginner), working out, philosophy, male psychology, off roading (Jeep of course), video games, table top roleplaying, conventions, comics, action movies, sci fi movies, heavy/death metal, trance music

Very much a man of my word. A recent situation saw me help my guy get his new car despite us struggling to keep the relationship going. Why? Because x years ago, I told him I'd help get his finances back on track and have a car in his name again. I didn't say I'd do it if things were going well, just that I would. It doesn't bother me that I did. If I agree to x, that is what I'm going to do. If for some reason I can't, it won't be because I don't want to after committing. I won't hide behind an excuse. By the same token, I expect the same.

As a friend, I have several responsibilities. Loyalty is the paramount. Of course being a guy, my approach to friendship is best summed up by a Guy Code episodes. A guy I call friend comes to me and says, "I can't tell you where we're going, but we may have to hurt people and could get arrested". Normally, I would only ask "Who's car are we taking?" Now that I have Bruticus (my Jeep), I'll drive.

My journal is going to be organized chaos. I'm trying to sort through life, current and past. Recently, I sat up and looked at my life and realized...I've been so busy trying to get my life on track that I didn't realize I had and have not been enjoying my life because I couldn't see it. Ok, what really happened was a friend verbally pimped slapped me when I was complaining about this and that.

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