April 22nd, 2016

friends, look at the stars

Kiwi in Aus..

35yr old Kiwi lass living in Australia.

Have been on and off LJ for over 10 years.  Am trying to figure out what to post, which currently is a bit about where I'm at, Melbourne, what I do, IT and Music (all kinds, especially a cappella ) and what I do for fun, mainly riding push bikes or motorbikes.  Am currently also trying to relearn how to cook, so will be experimenting in that area.

I still do marathon rewatches of Buffy, Supernatural, Firefy, West Wing and The Almighty Johnsons.

I love most music, and I play a wide range of instruments.  I'm really interested in getting better at recording vocals and find myself buying a new microphone or toy every so often.

I'm after social banter and a more active Friends list.