May 8th, 2016

New friends?

I have been using LJ for quite awhile now..I'm a transplant from a site that closed down a few years ago. I think I've finally figured out mostly how this setup works, but I do find it harder to meet new people here. I'm wondering if this community of friend finding will be successful. I see that people typically write a little about I'll do that too! I'm interested in finding friends with some shared interests who post somewhat regularly and who I can communicate with here and bounce ideas around with.

So-a little about me:

*Age: early 30's

*I was divorced from husband #1 about 8 years ago. I have a 12 year old son from that marriage. I've recently remarried and we just recently had our 2 year anniversary!

*very active in our church

*really enjoy cooking (i try a new recipe each week as part of a New Year's Resolution that I made a few years ago that realllly stuck with me) and will talk about food and recipes pretty often

*love reading books of all kinds (except science fiction. I'm not really a fan of space or alien stories)

*I love animals but currently just have one dog

*My life is pretty much drama free...I like it that way. Probably a lot of people think I'm pretty boring, but I don't really care :)

*work in the medical field

*We like to travel and save money to take neat trips now and then

*trying hard to stay in shape and keep my family healthy and active

*friends and family are super important for me

*live in Arizona, USA

Hmm..that is all I can think of to put down here. I guess I'm just a pretty normal person...looking for some neat new friends :) Feel free to add/comment if we seem to be friendish type of people!! :)