August 17th, 2016


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Hey there. I've posted here before and got a few good hits, but now I'm trying again.
I'll say it right now, I dont comment a ton, but I read everything--sometimes i just don't have anything to say. Livejournal needs a "Like" feature so I can let you know that "I feel you" without having to say anything. I'm not looking for someone that feels they have to comment on every post, either. I assume you're reading if we're friends. I've met some great people through LJ and I'd like to meet others that I just naturally 'click' with. I post about everythingggggg. Everything everything. Way too much TMI like I'm talking to myself. Cause I have no shame. I am uncencored on this blog, and therefore I really ask that we do not know each other outside of LJ before becoming friends here.

Ok so, introduction type stuff;

My name is Liz. I'm 27 and I am happily recently married (03/0816) to my husband, Matt. We've been together 6 years this October. We have two cats that are our lives, and we're currently childless by choice...But I love family/child centered blogs, so don't think because I don't want my own doesn't mean I can't love hearing about yours! My husband is my bestest friend, I don't really hang out with anyone else. I have one other friend from childhood and I'm only seeing her for the 2nd time this year on Friday, and before that it was a 10 year gap, so that tells you a lot there. I'm just a very socially awkward and shy person. I can come off very bitchy and mean sometimes, but I have no tolerance for stupidity. Otherwise I'm a nice, too caring, too loving of a person.

For the summers I work at a campground either checking people in or sorting through their trash and shit. The two are not always mutually exclusive. I absolutely love my job so much, but its the people I work with that make me want to tear my face off. My job is super easy beisdes the poop part, I just work in nature and its nice. If we're friends here you'll find out what I do in the winters.

I am a YouTuber and I do craft stuff. Mostly junk journals and mixed media. I am always (trying) to create art in some way. I also am a ~planner girl~ or whatever, and am obsessed with my Happy Planner, though I have franklin coveys and a filofax I use now and then as well because i love them so much ;3; I just love anything arty and creative and fun. I really want to start using my journal to house a lot of things that I find inspiring, so possibly expect somethings like that if we become LJ friends.

Besides art I really love Marvel, all things kawaii, yoga, and movies and music in general. Right now I'm painfully obsessed with Melanie Martinez. I wish I could stop listening to her but I can't so I don't. Love her. I love other stuff too but its so hard when you don't know what to say. I love to penpal, so maybe we could end up pen pals one day, who knows!

Not sure what else to write, but go ahead and friend me and let me know, and I'll add you back :) If you find we don't *click* or you don't like my content, feel free to unfriend, no hard feelings :)