September 13th, 2016

Fresh Start

New Journal, not new to LJ.

A little about me. Wife, Mom, full-time Zombie and cleaning Wizard. Love reading, kitties, BBQ, movies, and music. Probably more to add but fresh out of brains this morning.

I have terrible luck in Friends, I have very few girlfriends and the ones I do have are all about the drama and how the world revolves around them types. So I do rant about those encounters. I was adopted when I was 5 and before that, I was bounced around in the system for awhile. I also will talk about that shiz and my dysfunctional family who I almost never communicate with. I have a tinge of depression and anxiety, currently trying to self-medicate with natural herbs and working out. Some days are really good and some days are really bad, you know...normal day to day stuff. I use sarcasm to hide pain and fear which people have taken the wrong way for as long as I can remember, so I think I am highly misunderstood until you really get to know me. Which a lot of people these days don't want to spend that kind of time.

I promise I am not all gloom and doom, I share the good, the bad and the ugliness of my damaged brain.

I'm not picky about who adds me, just a little respect is all I ask.


A Look Back

Hello LJ Users,

I've had a LJ account since sometime in 2001 but I am just returning to the community.  The original purpose of this journal was to be record what was going on in my life during my time in Germany and Iraq while serving in the  United States Army from 2002-2005. It mostly discussed aspects of my personal life at a time when I was trying to balance being a solider, a son, and a father-to-be.

What I plan to do with this journal currently is go back and respond to those older post. Since that time I have gained about 14 years of experience and I want to see how I have progressed, and where I still need improvement in my personality.   It should be an entertaining ride but be warned, this journal will not be considered a safe place for your emotions.  It will contain words and language from a time when I was a very angry and confused about life.  Now I am just mildly annoyed and confused about life. 

I hope doing this writing exercise will be insightful not only to myself, but to any readers who may be going through difficult times.  I hope some of you decided to add me and I will do the same in return. 

Till Next Time.