January 30th, 2017

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ugh, subject lines -_-;

Hi there,
My name is Kat. I haven't been on LJ in years, but made some extraordinary friends when I did have one.

I'd like to add some amazingly open minded people with kind hearts that don't mind swearing and a dark sense of humor.

My interests include horror movies, fashion, make-up, lingerie, going to the beach, food, cooking, Harry Potter, Tolkien, and more.

My journal will more than likely consist of day to day things, what upsets me, what drives me, and other random tidbits.
I'm currently working on starting a + size lingerie line. And getting more in touch with my artistic side.
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  • nf793

Why not!

Hello everyone! I think it's been about a year since I've posted here, and my f-list has slowed down considerably, so I am looking to add some new friends.

If you want the more lengthy introduction, check out my introduction post in my journal. If you don't want to read all that, I will try to sum me up here for you.

I am getting back into the habit of posting at least once per week. I write a lot about my day to day life, interactions with others, and what I have been up to. Sometimes I post pictures, but not terribly often. I am a 24 year old woman who works with and rides horses, and is finishing up a Bachelors in Equine Science. I have been in and out of working and learned the hard way that studying in college full time while working full time is a really horrible idea, so for now I am enjoying focusing on my studies.

I also write about the lastest I've been up to in terms of gaming, movies/tv shows, books, music, and more.

For gaming, I am more into RPGs and open world games. I occasionally play MMOs like Neverwinter and Destiny (that one sorta counts as an MMO...ish). I stream on Twitch for kicks and giggles, but I wouldn't call myself a streamer. I love to read, and never have enough time. I am a fan of scifi and fantasy, paticularly when combined with a touch of sarcastic humor (here's looking at Gaiman and Prcthett for Good Omens). I love horror and suspense movies, but I enjoy most genres (except the type of humor like Pineapple Express, Step Brothers, etc). I usually avoid the subject of politics because it tends to only lead to drama. I try to be more upbeat when I can.

I enjoy meeting all kinds of people and reading about what they are up to. If we have things in common, great! If not, I am always interested in learning more :)

A couple last points: I'm really not interested in reading fanfics. Those days are long gone for me, sorry. I'm also not really interested if all you post is about doing drugs. As for your mental health problems... You are so much more than them! I want to get to know you. If healing is part of your journey, then I will cheer you on, but if you only ever post about how your life is horrible because of them... well, I wish you the best and I hope you find happiness.

I look forward to making some new friends!
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