November 24th, 2017

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Hey Everyone!

Not a new user to Live Journal, deactivated my account in 2011 but always loved the community this site offered, would like to connect and re-connect with some friendly users!

About me: Im from a small town in Vermont. There isn't much to do in Vermont so I keep myself occupied with the love of music. I have traveled far for love of EDM! In hopes to travel to Europe for Tomrrowland within the next year or so.
I am a Capricorn, I love the outdoors and play a lot of disk golf. Not much of a cold weather person. Definitely a summer loving girl full of adventure. When Im not traveling I love spending time with family and friends. My friends and I are currently working on the Vermont Brew Trail and hoping to start some brew tours in NY soon.

If your interested in adding me, id like to get to know ya.

Peace | Love | Good Vibes Only

looking for friends

I have just created this journal. I have many previous journals that I no longer use.. I took a hiatus from the site for 2 years. I will be posting my first entry in my journal today. I am outgoing and love to meet new people. My name is Deb and I live in Pennsylvania. Feel free to add me. I plan on making a daily post in my journal and write about my life in general. Thanks in advance.