January 2nd, 2018


Hello and Happy 2018!

Born in NY. Raised in PR. Lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alaska.
I'm turning 30 this year and no longer worried about it. I've been living in Japan for the past 10 years, going on 11. (Currently in the Kanto area, though I lived the first half in Kansai)
In a happy relationship with someone just as obsessed with music and dogs as I am.
Hobbies and interests include: The Paranormal, Music, Dance, Dogs, Reading, Teas, Fitness, Volleyball, Karaoke, Taking Pictures, Cooking, Movies, Cafe hopping.
I go more in-depth in my profile.

※Music: Bon Jovi, The Goo-Goo Dolls, One Republic, Sixpence none the richer, Spice Girls, Gente de Zona, Ricky Martin, Bon Jovi, P!nk, U2, Eric Clapton, Little Mix, BTS, Crystal Kay, Aoyama Thelma, One OK Rock, UVERworld, SIA.
※Movies and TV : I will watch just about anything in the cimena. I love watching things on Big Screen. But my favorites tend to be horror classics, action-comedy and musicals. My all time tops include Anything Miyazaki, Anything with  Hugh Jackman, RENT, Big Fish, The Dark Crystal, Streetcar named Desire. I enjoy watching J-dramas of all kinds, NCIS, Law & Order (All of them!), and whatever we can watch for free on Docomo's viewing service.
※I write about: My daily life. If I go somewhere I've never been, I might write information on that place, but I don't treat my journal as a tour-guide or how-to to Japan. I write about my health (I'm dealing with a bit of a heart issue), my weightloss progress, and overall fitness, my relationship with my boy, and about my family. I update almost weekly, if I have time/something to write about. I don't expect friends to comment on every entry, as I can't comment on every entry you might write.
※Looking to add: Anyone is welcome. But if I HAD to set standards.... Girls would be nice, as my real life is filled with men. But if you are a guy looking for new friends, that's okay too! People with similar hobbies or who enjoy introducing people to NEW hobbies. People who make an effort to actually become friends, and aren't simply seeking comments. People in multi-cultural relationships, as it would be interesting to read about the types of struggles they might share, similar to how my guy and I go through culturally related things.