January 8th, 2018

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Hey everyone! My name is Amanda and over the weekend I made the choice to rejoin LJ. I first joined LJ back in 2003, and it is crazy to look back at all the entries.

I am 27 and from New Jersey in a suburb right outside of Philadelphia. I work in a private school with children on the autism spectrum and am actually in grad school further my career. My entries will probably have a lot to do with my daily life and adventures back into the dating world after five years out of it. There will also be sporadic posts about my interests and a lot of pictures of my pup.

My interests include: comics, bravo reality tv, drag queens, cult documentaries, traveling to different cities, old fashion mailing letters, hiking, animanga, and going to concerts (pop punk, indie, rap), etc etc

Looking forward to making some new friends!
  • xbunnyy

Hey everyone :)

I'm not new to LJ but am looking for more interesting journals to read. I have a few friends on here who are very close to me & I've had on LJ for years. I'd like to add a few people who I will actually interact with. I'm pretty active on here & I like to be there for my friends. Add me if you think we'd get along. Guys or girls, I don't care. My journal is a judgement-free zone; I don't judge any of my friends & I expect the same in return of course ;)

A little about me:
-I live in Canada
-I'm 21;Single; Female
-Got my BA last June
-Currently working as an administrator (it's as boring as it sounds)
-I love animals (I'm vegan) but I don't care if you aren't
-I like yoga, reading books on Kindle, & watching National Geographic. I spend most of my time reading actually. I'm so lame.

My journal consists of:
-talk about goals & aspirations
-drunken escapades
-mental health issues (anxiety, bipolar, adhd, etc).
-men i see ;sexual experiences
-occasional pics
-the occasional mental breakdown Lol (I'm sure we all have those, right?)