January 9th, 2018

Wonder Woman

Happy New Year!

New Year, cleared up inactive journals (and those who defriended me because of my random disappearance.. sorry, haha), and now ready to be active and get to know people by their journals. 

My name is Ciara, a 27 year old Filipino girl in San Diego. I've been a Livejournal user since I was 13. I am currently a practical nurse who is knocking off some prerequisites to get into a step-up program and become an RN. I am quite late on it but I take life pretty easy nowadays. My real goal in life to get to know a diverse group of individuals which I am content about over the years even if there is room for more. If my life was an RPG, my current goals now are just side quests. 

I'd like to think that I am respectful, open-minded, and friendly. I can live with people having different views as long as we can be respectful to one another. 

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Jessica Jones

Hello! Looking for friends

Hi everyone!
I’m Ana, I’m 27, almost 28, and I’m trying out this journal thing so I would like to have some friends.

I mostly like talking about movies and comic books, but I’ll write about more personal things from time time.

Some more info:
-My first language is Spanish, but I’ll be writing only in English.
-I love listening to music and podcasts and I’m always looking for recomendations
-I love comic books, but I prefer indie ones over Marvel or DC
-I watch a lot of movies the whole year, but I go really crazy on it during award season
-I have a very spoiled cat
-I’m single with no kids

If you think you could be interested in any of this, add me :)