March 4th, 2018


New Oldie

I started my first lj 15 years ago or so when I was 16. I've had many names over the years the last I used regularly was gamboled but that's been deleted. I just restarted LJ yesterday and I'm going to try and be a regular user again.

I'm -
military wife (10 years and counting but together for 14)
stay at home mom of 2 (boy-5 girl-2) and we have an 8 year old puppy
currently we are stationed in Japan but I'm from Tennessee
dealing with depression and anxiety and not afraid to talk about it
survived a bilateral pulmonary embolism 2 years ago
I crochet, read (romance,thrillers, and mysteries), watch crime documentaries and tv shows, cooking shows, and supernatural, getting into fitness but only barely, and dealing with normal life stuff.
I use commas whenever and however I feel like it and very little punctuation otherwise.
Coffee is life.

I'm not a comment just because person I read and will comment when I feel like my input is worth adding.
creepy geisha


I've had LJ for pretty much all my adult life, but it's been a long time since I've been active and my friends list is a bit ghostly. I'd like to add some life and color and get to know new people.

I'm in my 30s but feel like late 20s, partnered but marriage is not for us. No kids, no pets, no plants, no car, no house, and my partner doesn't have a phone. I like all of those things but they aren't for me (except for a phone, I like my phone). I don't believe the personality is fixed so I don't like committing to describing myself with adjectives. My friends are a mix of all ages, come from a variety of countries and backgrounds and identify variously. I've moved around a lot, so they don't live near me for the most part, but we visit and keep in good touch. I value my friends very highly, so when I see anyone threatened I think, that could be someone I love, which is why if your beliefs/politics don't include space for all people to be treated with dignity and respect, then we aren't going to be friends.

Today I walked past a busker singing a Muse song while playing an electric guitar. In front of him, a dude began to do break dance moves to an imagined beat. When he stopped, a girl seperated from the crowd and did her own break dance moves. They had a dance battle. When the song was over, they gave each other a high five that turned into a hand clasp and half hug. I moved on and their excited voices faded into the distance behind me. I enjoy unusual moments like that.

I've flown on an airplane exactly 47 times. That counts connecting flights as all one flight, so is it really exact? Is anything?
My party trick is I can sing some Korean songs karaoke. The need for this skill hardly ever comes up.
I grew up in NY and was really into the goth scene then.
My journal is mostly friends only and is meticulously tagged.

Who are you? :)

It's me

So I decided to see if I could log into my old livejournal account after oh, I don't know, 12 years or so? Basically just for shits and giggles, to read all the old angsty drama of my late teenage years, to be reminded of memories long forgotten. Decided to pick it back up again.

So let's see, I'm 30 now, a few years ago I moved to Australia from the USA basically on a whim with my partner. Lived in Sydney for a while now I'm in wine country. I have a dog and he's fuckin awesome, but he smells like mushrooms and fish sauce. I cook a lot, drink a lot, party a lot. I don't know, add me if you feel like reading about random shit I do or whatever is going through my mind.