March 19th, 2018

frog blue

*waves hello*

Evening all, I’ve been on LJ for over fourteen years now. My friends list has become pretty inactive over the years and it would be nice to see a few more posts in there. Plus the vain side of me would like to think I’m not writing just for myself. 

I post at least once a month, which tends to be around

60% anything in my day to day I deem worthwhile of writing up

10% viewpoints on religion, politics etc

30% long winding essays on past and present relationships

Bio: Ex-Jehovahs Witness, failed vegetarian, wannabe novelist. Middle class, mid-thirties, from the middle of England. I’ve worked everywhere from a city farm and a children’s hospital in London, an English school in Korea and the vineyards of New Zealand. I enjoy music you can bang your head too and am obsessed with all things prehistory.

My journal is mostly open, so if you like what you read feel free to add me!