March 29th, 2018

I miss Livejournal

So I've returned. 

I used to write in my LJ every single day, since I was a teen until my mid-twenties.. then I stopped. But I've missed it a lot, I miss the friends I made, who now seem to have all left, and I miss having the space to vent my thoughts — it's such good free therapy! 

Anyone is welcome to add me, unless you only want to sell me stuff... I'm not in to buying, I'm in to reading! 


Intrigue, Politics, Scandal

New to Live Journal

Hi, I'm Steve and I live in the UK outside of London. I've joined with a couple friends to start a political news website, and we're each running our own side blog to document the process. I'm really interested in Russian news and politics so I have been reading LJ for years without ever joining. Now I have. But I realised I still have a lot to learn!

Our website is non-partisan, so don't expect to hear a lot of ranting from me. We tend to focus on scandal and intrigue rather than ideology. 

Happy for anyone to add me as a friend.