April 16th, 2018

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returning to LJ after far too long

Hi there! I'm Kacie, and I've been on and off LJ since 2004. I've attempted to come back a few times, but never stuck with it because almost everyone I used to talk to on my friendslist jumped ship so it was more like screaming into the void. I just remembered that this community existed, so I'm posting here hoping to find some more folks to talk with!

I am an unmarried, single af almost-31-year-old. I do have a wonderful nephew and niece who I may talk about a lot.

I'm a perinatal nurse, but don't talk too much about my job because of HIPAA laws. I play roller derby, write, knit, and love cooking, trying new things, and going on random adventures. My last random adventure was driving alone from WV to WI to see Walk the Moon, mostly on a whim. I feel strange any time I try to write a general bio about myself. My favorite shows to watch are crime dramas and scifi/fantasy-type shows like Merlin, Supernatural, Buffy, Lucifer... My favorite author is Neil Gaiman.

In the past I've mostly just written about life in general, with no particular focus on any one area of my life. My return to LJ will likely be the same. That said, I am starting a fitness journey and will be actively trying to lose weight and will therefore probably talk about my ups and downs with that a lot, so if that's something that bothers you it may be best to avoid adding me.

Please feel free to add me! I plan to post every few days to at least once weekly, and will be reading my friends list as frequently as I post. I do try and comment if I can relate to anything in your posts or have something to add to the conversation. ♥
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old member.

Hello, my name is Lisa. I'm 37 years old from the state of Wisconsin. I've had live journal since 2004, but it's been friends only since i've dealt with a narcissist in the past but those days are long gone now. However, I'm open to new viewers and friends, so when I add you back, my content will be available to you.

I am an artist who had been living alone since 2005. I have no boyfriend or children of my own... yet, but that could change in God's perfect timing. I used to have a cat named Morgan, but I had to rehome her due to moving and not being able to find a place that accepted pets. Hopefully that will change as well and I intend to adopt another pet at some point in the future.

I used to be a liberal but i recently became a conservative Christian.  However, I gladly accept those from all backgrounds and I will not judge you for being different. Individuality and creative differences is a GOOD thing and I love learning about different things from others. Even this morning I met a Christian woman from Pakistan and their culture was so interesting...

Unfortunately, I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and I suffer from some mental health issues such as severe depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and complicated PTSD due to dealing with a traumatic childhood and an unhappy adulthood. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a preventable yet incurable form of autism which is caused when mothers drink during pregnancy and I have to live with it for the rest of my life. Even if it is high functioning, I still have a lot of problems with it and it's becoming harder and harder for me to cope with it on a daily basis. Still, I try to make the best of a hopeless situation and I hold onto hope knowing that this disabled body is only temporary and I will have another chance to start this life over again in heaven.

I love art, drawing, poetry, reading, shopping, hiking, horseback riding, interior design, ghost hunting, abandoned places, movies, history, psychology, conspiracies, thrifting, mythology, and so many other things. Some of my favorite tv shows are Supernatural, South Park, Dragonball series, House MD, Sailor Moon, and Vampire Diaries just to name a few. I have many others listed on my profile, but that needs updating since I found myself changing over time.

 I have to warn you, I often use this journal for venting since I live a very difficult life and it's become a healthy outlet for me to cope with it. If you cannot handle such "negativity" then please look for a happier journal to read. If you can handle it, then welcome aboard.

Comment if you add me!

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Hey all, 

So I'm back from a very long hiatus. I jumped ship to tumblr and hadn't looked back. However, I really missed the friends I had made over here (who are all non active now) and I've missed the community.

I'm 31 from Wisconsin. I am big into anime cons and kpop. so I will probably post about that. I also crochet and draw in my spare time. So photos will probably be posted here and there. I love being outdoors on walks and just enjoying nature. I take photos of whatever strikes me at the time. I don't have a defined theme for my livejournal but it will be bits and bobs from those things. 

I would love to make some new friends. So, if you feel like you'd like to know more add me- i will add back :)

Jess Ann