April 24th, 2018

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New Friends Wanted

Hi I'm Amber, 32. From CA, USA Have had a LJ since for a long while now. Looking for more active friends with the same interests.

I love: photography, traveling, board games, online gaming, reading, fanfic, adult coloring books, conventions, cosplay, country music, supernatural (I'm a Dean and Cas girl), teen wolf, arrow, the flash, wwe, glee, white collar, psych, ncis, doctor who, torchwood, buffy: the vampire slayer, angel, charmed, common law, criminal minds, star trek (all but Enterprise), smallville, bbc sherlock, bbc merlin, disney movies, scifi movies, horror movies, marvel movies, star wars, the avengers, batman, harry potter, the lord of the rings/the hobbit, back to the future, jurassic park/world, the goonies, indiana jones, halloween, the exorcist, a nightmare on elm street, aladdin, moana, the maze runner. I also love Halloween and fall.

I post about daily life, family, my club, my gaming group, pictures, my graphics and coloring. 18+ and no drama please.