May 3rd, 2018

Sunset Palms


Hello all, My name is Amie and I’ve been an LJ user since 2004. Although was absent for the past three years. I’ve decided to come back. I miss having an outlet to share my day as well mindless babble. As I returned, I’m noticing I have very few on my f-list that are still active. So, removed all the dead journals and find I need new friends. I’d really like to find some new friends that have things in common with me and I can interact with and become actual friends and not just another number on my f-list.

I live in Central Florida. I’m a very young 40. I have major peter pan syndrome so basically I am 16-22 most the time lol. I like going to theme parks, concerts, fixing up my home, crafting, and shopping. Way too much shopping.. I’m single at the moment. No kids, just my furbabies Abbey (dog), Tober and Sassy (cats) who I spoil to the extreme.. I rarely post about life drama, mainly because I use LJ to escape from it.

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