May 15th, 2018

Friends Wanted

Hello all. My name is Jenny, a 31-year old mom of 2 (among many other things) from TX. A life of perpetual and comically bad luck has turned me into a nihilist with a sick sense of humor, but my kids keep me grounded. My life is great, but my need and desire to write is strongest when I'm sad, lonely, or stressed. I have a way with words; if you are a reader, you will love my entries. I do a lot of reflection, especially inwards. The tone of my journal and I may seem dark, but trust me... I'm very funny.

If my words don't stir you, my art may. I'm self-taught, and I specialize (lol) in watercolor, gouache, and oils. I dabble in just about every traditional media, s0 if you are also an artist, ABSOLUTELY ADD ME!


Writing and painting are my way of coping with the chaotic world around me. I'm a listener in a world of self-obsessed talkers. I hate myself, but I want the best for you, know what I mean? I've traded in self-destruction for the art of making. You'll learn more about me as we go. My journal is mostly for me, but I'd be remiss if I denied that I want new friends and lives to read. So for now, just add me. You wont regret it.

other general interests: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Pink Floyd, biking, swimming, long winding drives, smoking weed, playing video games, dank memes, off-beat humor (a la Dave Chapelle, Bill Hicks, George Carlin), philosophizing, introspection, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, jigsaw puzzles, cryptograms, athf, adult swim, Rick & Morty, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Dead Rising, Resident Evil, Evil Dead, South Park

Hello everybody

My name is Vlad. I live in Siberia, and I study English currently.

I'm 40 years old, I'm married, and I have a little daughter Sofia. My English level is not very high, but I hope to improve it with time. I'm a radio amateur (R0WBE), I like music (some D&B, some pop-music, rock, The Knife, Iz, Simon & Garfunkel, The Animals...).  My favorite game is chess.

So, if you don't fear my terrible English, I will be glad to meet you and will be pleased to be your friend.