May 28th, 2018

Greetings from the world of graveyard shift.

I'm a 35 year old man living in Arizona of the USA. I don't maintain my LJ as much as I would like and I've got to do a better job of doing that. I enjoy pen-palling in my spare time and have a few pen pals from different countries that have proven themselves reliable as far as maintaining interesting letters and responding back at least once a month. If any of you are interested as well feel free to drop me a message.

I'm really not good at listing what I like and dislike as the list would be very vague, or far to specific for any one person to reasonably spend an appropriate amount of time on, but should be correspond on a pen pal basis I"m sure some interests would match up. But to list some things, as I probably should, I enjoy reading sci-fi, fantasy, horror, biographies, shows and movies such as Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order SVU, Blindspot, Blacklist, Star Trek are just a few of the shows I enjoy.

Look forward to hearing from you.