May 29th, 2018

•February 2021•
  • kristy

Looking for fresh faces

Hi everyone! I'd like to add friends who are active & like interacting & getting to know your friends list. :)

About Me:

- I'm a blonde bubbly 45 y/o who's finally getting out of her comfort zone & exploring/traveling the city & going to music shows, especially rock n roll!

- I love cats & have 2 boys, whom I love.

- I enjoy photography, music of almost every kind, traveling, outdoor activites, surfing the web, reading on my Kindle & many other hobbies. Harely Davidson cycles & hot rod/muscle cars with a hot man on/in them make me drool!

- I'm single though since April 2018, I've been sexually involved with a hot man. I sometimes write about our escapades but not the personal sexual stuff, of course. 👅

- I'm a cat volunteer at a local animal shelter. I do this about 3 times a week.

- I've taken on a temporary cashier position at a C-store to help pay bills & aquire my Driver License, a feat I feel will give me a lot more freedom to travel the U.S.A.

- I reside in Sin City, baby! Vegas Strong!

- I suffer from a few forms of mental illnesses, though I rarely write about it.

- I post various photos in my journal. Especially of my cats & random selfies & weight loss transition.

- TV shows I enjoy are The Golden Girls, Game of Thrones, Old Skool Scooby Doo & Forensic Files to name a few.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to read my profile!

Hope to make your acquaintance. :D