May 31st, 2018


hello, everyone! i'm looking to make some new friends. i've been on LJ since i was a teenager and have made many friends on here over the years. unfortunately, nearly all of them have stopped using LJ. i built some very close relationships with some of the people i met on here and i really miss that connection. i still keep in touch with a few of my former LJ friends on facebook, but it's just not the same. i miss reading each others' posts and being 'in the know' with each others' lives. it made me feel more connected, you know? i don't feel like i have built as many close friendships with people i know in real life, and i'm finding it harder and harder to make friends as an adult.

anyway, here's a little about me:

- my name is melissa, but many of my friends call me missy. it's been a nickname of mine since high school. some people also call me mel.

- i am 32 years young.

- i'm married to my high school sweetheart and we've been together for the past 14 years.

- we have 3 daughters together, ages 11, 7 and 6 months. we also have two dogs and a cat.

- we live in the phoenix, arizona suburbs. we aren't big fans of the heat and hope to move out of state eventually.

- i work in banking as a fraud analyst. it's a pretty interesting job and i've been working for the same company for over 12 years now.

- i am very short, 5'1". my husband towers over me at 6'2". even our 11 year old has surpassed me in height.

- i have blonde hair and blue eyes.

- i consider myself to be a genuinely nice person with a good sense of humor. i have somewhat of a bubbly personality except for when i'm in a bad mood, lol.

- most of my entries are about my every day life, or random thoughts.

- things i love: family, writing, tv/movies (i love sci-fi, comedy, drama, and fantasy the most, though i like the occasional horror movie here and there), drinking coffee, road trips, traveling (we haven't traveled much recently since we've been working hard toward paying off our debt and saving money toward our future move), photography, gardening.

- i am not picky when it comes to friends, but what i look for in LJ friends are people i can build a connection and engage with. i enjoy friends who update regularly and who read my journal and comment every now and then. i also like meeting people with similar interests, since i don't know too many people in real life who share common interests with me.

- if you think we'd make good friends, please feel free to add me! if you add me, please leave a comment so i know to add you back. i don't generally add people back unless they comment, letting me know where they found me. :)