June 2nd, 2018



My name is Mallory. I’m 32. I’m married to the man of my dreams, and live in a small house in the suburbs with our guinea pig.
I had a LJ from 2006 - 2009 but have since abandoned that one and am starting over.
I will mostly post about my days and my past, in a sorta soul searching manner as I’m struggling to find myself after trauma. I occasionally will post poetry or links to my tumblr in which I rant about current events (but you can ignore the tumblr if you’re more interested in my day to day life stories.)
I miss the community of being on a site like livejournal.
I’m interested in music and photography and would like to find down to earth, legit people, who I can share my days and my thoughts with on here and read about their daily lives and struggles, as I’m very supportive and would like to travel journeys with friends.