June 9th, 2018

creepy geisha

Let's Friend

Hello! A few of my friends have recently left LJ land and my FL could use a little enlivening.
A lot of people write that they don't want to be a number and like to get to know their friends, receive comments, and be responded to.
I like those things too. I used to think that if we had interests in common, we would probably get to know each other eventually. Then I realized that we may both love David Bowie, but we're probably not posting about him too often. In general, there are some patterns that cause me to want to read and comment more, so I'm just going to put those out front. If one or more of these is true about you, it's a good sign we'll become the kind of LJ friends who talk to each other.

  • I like following a particular ongoing situation. Do you find yourself writing about the same thing over and over? The same relationship, goal, family member, etc.? I probably want to read about it.

  • I like when entries are formatted in an eye-catching way. Do you organize your ideas into lists with bullet points? Use different colored fonts or emojis? Or find other ways to break up the text? I watch lots of youtube so my attention span has gone where the dead crabs go and I can appreciate when people get artistic with the visual presentation of their entries.

  • I like wholesomeness! Like, a lot! And I don't mean Hallmark's brand of wholesomeness. I mean Steven Universe's brand of wholesomeness! And to a certain extent the wholesomeness of Huey Freeman from (the first season of) The Boondocks. But I like Steven Universe more because it has female characters that are strong in the real way. So if you're packing a Steven Universe aesthetic, I am here for you.

  • I like people who describe things using hyperbole. Was whatever happened the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone in the history of ever?? I'm sorry to hear that, but also, I'm low-key looking forward to your rant about it.

I'm in my 30's in the US, partnered, and a writer. Any other questions, feel free to ask. I hope some of you can say yes to one or two items on my checklist, and also find me interesting enough so far to want to try becoming friends.