June 11th, 2018


Hey there!

I have been an user here since 2008 and I don't plan to leave soon, it doesn't matter what happens to the site. As long as it exists, I will be here. However, I haven't been very active lately but I want to come back posting more often and having more friends reading my entries could motivate me to do so.

About me: I'm mexican and almost 24 years old. I'm a psychologist and currently in my second year as an Education major. These are the two things I talk about the most. I also talk about life, family, my struggles, hopes and dreams, things I like and whatever comes to my mind. I used to be more into fandoms but not much nowadays. I might just occasionally write about my love for stationery and planners, about a videogame, tv series or anime I'm currently watching or a new recipe I learned to cook.

My only friend policy is that you tell me something about who you are so we can start talking and building up a real friendship. I have been long enough in this site to know that not just about everyone actually stays or keeps the conversation going. In the other hand, I have made wonderful friendships through here, so I'm hoping to find more of those. See you!