June 21st, 2018

•February 2021•
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Hey there, y'all! :)

Hi everyone! I'd like to add friends who are active & like interacting & getting to know your friends list. :) 

About Me: 

- I'm a blonde bubbly 45 y/o who's finally getting out of her comfort zone & exploring/traveling the city & going to music shows, especially rock n roll! 

- I love cats & have 2 boys, whom I love. 

- Mama to a beautiful 8 year old daughter.

- I enjoy photography, music of almost every kind, traveling, outdoor activites, surfing the web, reading on my Kindle & many other hobbies. Harely Davidson cycles & hot rod/muscle cars with a hot man on/in them make me drool! 

- I'm single though since April 2018, I've been involved in a FWB with a lucious man. Hehe....👅 

- I'm a cat volunteer at a local animal shelter. I do this about 3 times a week. 

- I reside in Sin City, baby! Vegas Strong! 

- I suffer from a few forms of mental illnesses, though I rarely write about it. 

- I post various photos in my journal. Especially of my cats & random selfies & weight loss transition. 

- TV shows I enjoy are The Golden Girls, Game of Thrones, Old Skool Scooby Doo & Forensic Files to name a few. 

If you'd like to know more, feel free to read my profile! 

Hope to make your acquaintance. :D

I'm new, but not new to LJ

NAME: Kimi
AGE: 29
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: 5 Seconds of Summer, Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Kelly, Ashton Irwin, writing, drawing, disability rights, paranormal, Star Wars, Disney Junior, Michael Clifford, All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens, Pokemon games, Miyazaki films, Space Jam, cartoons and more!
LOOKING FOR: All I really want is to meet some nice people. Ones who can accept my eccentricities and not be weirded out by my little/ABDL side. >< I also might talk about disability stuff. I might be very random as well.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm diagnosed with a mild form of autism, and this will make it hard for me to warm up to others. Don't let this turn you away from me. Just talk to me and give me time to get comfortable with you. :3
ALSO KNOWN AS: Link your other journals if you'd like.
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