July 7th, 2018


Hmm where to start?

My friends list is pretty deserted like lately so I'm looking to liven it up. Don't let the numbers fool you. I'd say only 1/3 of those people still make regular entries. When I say regular I mean more than once a year. lol

41 (about to be 42) and live with my husband and our four cats. I've been married for almost 12 years to one of my closest friends from my youth. We have no children but I don't have issues with people who do. Our childfree-ness is complicated.

Former Cyber Industrial Ninja Babe/Gothic Model. I'm not into that as much anymore but I'd still consider myself 'different' than the average person. With that said though I can get along with almost anyone. Pretty involved with the local music scene as well.

Seen and done some pretty interesting things in my life. Tend to have an odd sense of humor so if you get easily offended you may not want to add me.

I have a huge range of interests and am a pretty big nerd at times. Musical tastes run anywhere from Beastie Boys to Fiendflug and everything in between. Except Elvis and Country Music. I can't stand either of those.

I tend to post about whatever is on my mind. I like fan fiction. I also attempt to write it once in a while. I do post some pics, and other assorted goodies. I don't post as often as I used to but I still do it regularly. I do comment, and like to get comments as well. That doesn't mean you have to reply to every single entry but it's nice to see people read what I post.

My journal recently went back to (mostly) public entries so feel free to look around and see if I pique your curiosity. Looking forward to meeting some new LJ friends!

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Hello! My name is Alice and I am a 29 year old artist living in Houston, TX. I am looking to get back into journaling after many years of absence. I’ve been on LJ since my teens, so I’m one of the oldies here! My feed is now very quiet, and many friends have moved on and stopped updating. I would love to find new friends to connect with, learn from, and share experiences. I am interested in different perspectives and daily lives. I’m an open-minded, caring, and friendly person. I am a busy bee, but I will always find time to read about your life and engage with you!

A little about me

※ I was born in Vietnam and my family immigrated to the US when I was 4. I can still speak Vietnamese, but my reading skills are slacking. I’m hoping to get better with more studying and reading!

※ I currently teach high school photography, but am in the midst of changing career fields. Hopefully soon you’ll be reading about a new job!

※ I went to school for art and love anything creative and crafty. I paint in my spare time and like to share my work with others. I also like to bullet journal and will sometimes post pages from my sketchbooks and journals.

※ I'm happily married. My husband is of Dutch descent and works from home as a mobility engineer. We met on Match.com and not even 2 months later he proposed! We’ve been married going on six years. Currently no kids yet!

Me in my natural habitat XD

My interests:

※ I’m a huge foodie and love to try new restaurants

※ Fashion (I used to be obsessed with the LJ FRUiTs community)

※ Anything cute!

※ Books

※ Art history

※ Traveling and learning about new cultures

※ Video games and MMORPGS (My favorite right now is Final Fantasy XIV)

※ Anime and manga

※ Studio Ghibli

※ Kpop, mandopop, jrock

※ TV shows (current favorites): Queer Eye, Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Last Kingdom, Sherlock, House of Cards, Anthony Bourdain

※ Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter

What I post:

※ My life in Houston

※ Life of an artist - gallery shows, my paintings, creative processes, projects, sketches, fashion illustrations, YouTube videos

※ Photographs

※ My bullet journal pages

※ My relationship with friends and family

※ Adventures with my husband

※ Occasional vlogs about my week at a glance

※ Shopping hauls (art supplies, clothes, etc.)

※ Self-reflections/musings

※ Anything else that interests me! ^_^

Making friends:

I don’t care about age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. If you are interested in connecting and engaging with me, I would love to be your friend. :) Most of my journal is friends locked, so please leave a comment and I’ll add you!

TV: Shadowhunters: Malec

Let's be friends!

Hello, fellow LJers! My name is Sheryl and I'm 29 years old. I was born in Seattle, WA, but I'm currently living in southern Idaho. I'm on the queer spectrum (they/them pronouns preferred, but I'm not picky) and am pretty socially awkward. I'd like to consider myself a writer by trade, but I'm deluding myself: the truth is I'm on disability due to mental illness. I'm in the process of going back to college, and it'll happen either in August or January (I'm unsure of the timeline). As I said, I live with mental illness (and developmental disability NOS, according to my nurse)~ schizoaffective disorder: biopolar type and generalized anxiety disorder/social anxiety. Due to my mental illness and disability, I've been in and out of assisted living facilities, but I'm currently in a roommate situation with my best friend. I've been on LJ off and on since I was 11 or 12 years old and I've been pretty active over the past couple years... I'm just trying to get over my anxiety about commenting on other people's journals, so I've always been a bit of a lurker, but I'm working on it I swear!

My interests and hobbies are wide, varied, and many, but I'll list a few~
Gaming (mostly RPGs, some MMORPGs, Sims, etc). My favorite game of all time is The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
Reading (I'll read virtually anything I can get my hands on, even food labels, but I adore fantasy and science fiction... and fan fiction).
Writing (I write original stories, fan fiction, poetry, journaling, just all kinds of things.)
Anime/Manga (Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite).
Studying (yes, this is something I enjoy, I love learning).
I haven't done anything overly artsy fartsy (lol) in years, but I used to love to draw and paint and do pottery... but I wasn't very good at it.

I have a dog, a Shih Tzu named Taz, and he is my world~

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What I post:
I usually post whatever I feel like posting: anything from real life happenings and inner feelings to memes and random videos. I post about fandom stuff sometimes, but I'd like to think it doesn't take over my journal, content-wise.

See anything in common or just want to chat? Questions? Comment/message away, I'm an open book! And feel free to friend me if you think we'll "click." ^_^

looking for... my flock?

cue the thinking emoji.

Hello all! Having made a new LJ after years of desertion, I'd love to make some friends so we can be so supportive and kind to one another we'll make rainbows pale in comparison.

about me:  I am a 28yo female from France, currently unemployed but soon to undergo training to become a full-fledged career adviser. The turntables...! At the moment I live between my mum's home, along with my sister and our very aggressive cat, and my friends' couches for pyjama parties I could only dream of when I was a teenager. Friendship is the most important thing to me, and I'm really lucky to have found people who feel the same.  On a sappy, tiniest-violin note, they helped me through very hard times and today I can say the desperation I went through turned into twice the bliss. I'm still not in my best shape but I can travel far enough to meet up with them and go out, so I'll take it all with a curtsy and a thank you. Oh, and also, I write. Not as fast as I'd like, but at least that means I have enough book ideas to last me a decade or two!

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