July 25th, 2018


I'm not even learning French — I'm learning another language — three, actually. It's going just about as well as you'd expect. My name is Victoria or something like that and I'm an adult. I'm over 21 but below 25. I'm currently working on losing a lot of weight — 60-70 lbs. So, I'll be posting about that a bit.

But overall, my journal will be my personal venting space. There are a number romantic (?) events going on in my life right now and just generally complicated things that I have a need for an outlet for. I'm fairly secretive and a recovering compulsive liar. I suppose this is an effort to change how secretive I am while not yelling my secrets off the rooftops.

I have something of an online stalker so I prefer not to speak too much in-depth about myself publicly. Entries, of course, will be friends only. Let me know if you want to take a peek into each others lives by commenting here first.


Old journal, new me?

Hello everyone!

My name is Samantha. I have had this journal since I was about 14 or 15 (I am now 28). Although I've taken numerous breaks, I still always find myself coming back when in need.. I enjoy looking back. Seeing how I've grown. How I've regressed. How I thought my life would be. I can't say I'm all that interesting, lmao. I pretty much rant and rave about whatever is going on in my life-- some days are more positive then others. I have a pretty complicated past.. but I guess we all have problems, right?! Anyway. Feel free to add me.. for one pathetic ride :P