August 1st, 2018


It has been years since I posted to this community (under an old journal), and while I'm mostly active on dreamwidth these days, I still crosspost here and follow a few communities here still so I figured it wouldn't hurt to liven up my friends page.

I am thirty years old and nonbinary, and I post a lot of fandom stuff, paranormal activity as it happens (though it's been quiet as of late) and a lot of salt. My main fandoms are kingdom hearts and voltron: legendary defender, but my sticky post has a fairly thorough list of fandoms and friending policies.

While I enjoy tumblr only so much as it provides me with fandom content, a year ago I made the move back to long-form blogging because it gave me a place to vent that I could lock down and moderate and I couldn't have made a better decision in my life. As much as I wanted to leave LJ in the dust after the ToS change last year, I've been here for nearly ten years and couldn't quite bring myself to leave completely.

I'm not a stickler for commenting (I'm sorry but I'm not a frequent commenter because anxiety and just general brain-deadness), so you don't have to comment on my posts if you don't wish or on my sticky to gain access. I'm pretty lenient on journal access.