August 3rd, 2018

Heart shaped glasses

There are things you can do to lift the human spirit....

hello!  I'm a 36 year old momma of two.  It's been forever since I've posted on here.  This stay at home momma is getting kind of lonly and would like some people to correspond with!

Here's the "down-low".

*36 year old native of Arizona.
         lived here all my life
*married to hubby, Christopher,36.  Does "computer security" for The Maricopa County here in AZ.  Been together 13 years, but married for 4.
*used to work in a daycare
*raised Methodist.  Haven't been to a church service in forever though
*my posts are not political.  I have my views, but everyone is testy about EVERYTHING nowadays
*i like to write snail mail
* disabled.  Have Cerebral Palsy, due to stroke at birth.  Right side of body weaker than left.  Right hand doesn't work(cant lift it up) and I have to wear a leg brace on my right foot to help me walk.  No cute shoes for me.
*I have 4 typewriters
*Hate cellphones even though I have one.  Lets talk "for real" people.  It annoys me when my husband pays attention to my phone more than me.
*I like old school games like "Kings Quest" and "Mario Brothers"
two kids--- Ethan 3 and a half.  Diana--- 2 months.  Will be 3 months tomorrow