August 4th, 2018

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Hello there! I'm Liz and I have been on livejournal for an embarassingly long time. I've had this journal though since 2008, but I feel like I privated a lot? I really don't remember. I've been on and off here for years now. I'm trying to come back again because I'm over normal social media. The negativity culture is too much for me at this point, and I'm just so over it all. I want to come back here to a platform I'm confortable on, with enough room to write whatever I want to write.
Anway, I'm really long winded and type too much (you'll find that out if we become lj friends lol) so I'll just give you a quick list and if you want to be my friend just let me know.

~I'm 29. I turn 30 in December.
~I've been married for 2 years and we've been together for 8 years this year.
~I have 2 cats, they are my children
~Speaking of kids, we are KID FREE BY CHOICE, we do not want kids. I'm hoping to find other childless people here.
~I have a youtube channel, but I turned off comments because again, negativity (and all I really do is art.)
~If you're a subscriber of mine, unless we're close in age, I really don't want to be friends.
~I have a million interests and hobbies, I always get obsessed with something new all the time.
~I have PMDD and it is a huge part of my life (15-16 days a month), and I talk about it a lot.
~I believe in whatever goes on LJ stays on LJ.
~I don't hate politics, but I hate hearing about others'. So please, I don't care who you like or dont like, if thats all you blog is, I'm out.

And I suppose thats it? If you want to know more, you can check out my YT, I have a site, but there isnt that much to it at the moment.
Comment here or on my FO banner, either you feel comfortable with. 

Hello all!

Hi!  My name is Ivy and this journal is brand new. I'm 37 years old and live in the US.  I've been on LJ since abour 2003, though, with other journals.  I wanted to start fresh with a new journal so I can write about things I don't write about on my main journal here.

If you are in any way familiar with Halsey, you know my journal name comes from one of her songs.  I absolutely adore her and want to eventually go to one of her shows... but it'll probably be after her next album comes out, unfortunately.

A bit about me:
- I live with Mental Illnesses (specifically Schizoaffective Disorder: bipolar type, social/general anxiety, and panic disorder).  I'm on disability right now because of all of them, but I'm doing well, so I'm hoping to start looking for some part-time work soon.
- I'm a fandom girl, but I won't be really writing about that in this journal.  Just to say, though, all-time fandom: Supernatural
- I have two cats that I adore
- I have 13 tattoos, and I want to win the lottery so I can get more lol
- I also have piercings.  I had to take my tounge out because it was breaking my teeth, unfortunately
- I love manga and anime


TV: Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, 13 Reasons Why, Merlin, Family Guy, American Dad, X-Files, Parenthood

Movies: Boondock Saints, Girl Interupted, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, SLC Punk, Heathers, Foxfire, Empire Records, umm... and a lot more.  Oh, and of course LOTR and HP

Books: Dune, American Gods (and anything by Neil Gaiman), LOTR, HP, Snow Crash, Wicked, World War Z, the Joe Ledger Series, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, Southern Vampire Chronicles, White Oleander, and much much more.  I tend to like fantasy and science fiction the most.

What I post about:

Life, mostly mental illness stuff, but I don't like to just write about all that because it gets boring.  I'm basically writing whatever I feel like, and it's RL stuff... unless something exciting is happening in fandom lol.

My journal is completely public because I don't have any reason for it not to be... as of right now.  If you want to add me, just do and possibly send me a little message.  I've never posted on this community before, but I'd like to get to know people who also deal with mental illness and what I like.