August 19th, 2018

•February 2021•
  • kristy

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Howdy. I'm Kristy, 45 & resides in Sin City. I'm a youthful feeling lady that is ever growing stronger due to some traumatic events. I do tend to write about some forms of issues I deal with due to the traumas I lived throu. I also love writing about my dating & sexual escapades. I'm currently involved in a hookup situation with one heck of a hot man. I like writing about him at times, including some negative things about him but I'm quite happy being single! I'm a known cat mama & post things related to cats in general & about my 2 furbabies. I'm interested in like minded & open minded individuals for friendships & interactions. I also have many likes & dislikes posted on my profile. Feel free to read it. 🙂

I look forward to meeting new & carefree friends!