September 29th, 2018


Hello world!

My name is Rina, I am 34 years old & currently living in South-Eastern Germany, and I have been using LJ ever since April 2001 (When I was still 16, about to turn 17...). I won't go into what has changed ever since (In short: A LOT!), but I would like to state I am currently looking for new friends in the realms of the holy LJ, and it would be cool if we had some things in common. "Some things?", you may wonder. "What does she mean?"

Well well well: I am listen to & make music myself. I mostly listen to music from all kinds of places on this planet - but mainly Japan, Russia & Finland (Genres include all the goth music (Or most of that!), synth pop, glam rock, punk rock, & many, many more!). As for the music I make, I sometimes share my works on my LJ ;), but I will not go into that too much here now. Being the music-lover I am, I also enjoy dancing a lot! Grabbing my knitting OR crochet OR sewing needles always ends in disasters happy little accidents, too. I will be participating in Inktober (and hopefully NaNoWriMo, too!) this year, drawing & painting is lots of fun, as is writing! I am into tarot & cartomancy in general, astrology, numerology, and, last but definitely not least, palmistry. I really enjoy writing about these topics in my journal, so if you think all this is nonsense, you might not want to add me. And... I really love learning foreign languages, right now I focus on Italian and Japanese mainly.

What else? To be fair with everybody: Mental health is a huge topic for me. Not in the sense I verbally dissect the diagnostic criteria of every illness I have heard of, but rather because I suffer from some myself: Psychosis, BPD, AvPD, Binge Eating Disorder & Depression (All of them diagnosed, yes.). As for the psychosis, I have this under control, but the rest might pop up every now and then if you head on and add me. :\

If you want to know anything else, please comment and / or send me a PM. I promise I will not bite.
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    The Cure - "The Hanging Garden"