October 23rd, 2018

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LJ is dead for the most part but I'm hoping there are still some active people out there who would like to be friends, new and old. I was away from LJ for a good portion of the past year, but I just moved journals today for the first time in over 5 years! I'm ready for a fresh start.

My name is Rachel. I'm 28 and live in Michigan. In July I got out of a 5 year very toxic relationship. My mental health has improved tremendously since, and I'm so happy I'm no longer wasting my time/life with him. Since then I've been figuring out what I want in life and trying to have fun in the process. For the past couple months I've been seeing a guy my friend introduced me to, and he is so sweet! It feels weird being treated nicely... but I'm definitely enjoying and appreciating it. :) I update a lot about our time together and adventures with friends, etc. I'm also going to start incorporating my main hobby (decorative planning with stickers, etc) into my entries too, like showing my weekly/months spreads and all that! Totally dorky but I love it so w/e lol.

I love cooking/baking, video games, music, horror movies, planning obv, animals, and so many more things. I have a very wide range of interests and can usually find common ground with pretty much anyone!

Feel free to comment here or on my f/o entry.