October 27th, 2018

your smile is my life

New journal for a fresh start

I needed a new journal, so I'm starting fresh. I know I haven't had my other one that long but... I needed this for personal reasons and such. I used to be adorbzautistic.

NAME: Kimi
AGE: 30
GENDER: Female

ABOUT ME: I'm autistic, and I also have ADHD and severe anxiety. My hero is Clayne Crawford as well. I'm an all around sweet, kind friendly person who has the heart of a child too. I don't act my age at all. I'm also a bit of a fangirl, especially for Clayne. :P

ABOUT MY JOURNAL: I keep it friends only because it's easier. You are welcome to add me though! I love making new friends~

LIKES: Clayne Crawford, Boston Red Sox, Miyazaki's films, Supernatural, paranormal, Disney, writing, Christmas, Halloween, disability awareness.
DISLIKES: Politics and religion (I just don't care for it tbh).
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