November 8th, 2018

Introducing Myself


I'm Thea, or as some know me, Hughes; a 26 year old, gender oblivious female from the UK.

I'm a fan of heavy metal, synth metal, punk and alternative music, and love music from all over the world (not K-pop, though). Contrasting my overall dark amd grungey tastes, is the fact I'm a huge nerd with a love of anime, and science fiction, with Star Trek being my most long standing fandom. I am a vegitarian, a witch and exist somewhere on the Anarchy Spectrum.

I love to read, write and roleplay (not impromtu, I tend to GM full blown SIMs), and this little blog is home to my poetry, which needed a special place set aside for it.
My works overall deal with darker, more surreal and moralistic themes, especially that which is paradoxical, and also with my struggles with mental health.

So, if it sounds like we'd get along, why not drop me a message? I'd welcome a chance to meet a variety of people... What are you waiting for?
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    This Is Our War - Billy Talent