November 15th, 2018

ocean girl


This is basically my intro post at my LJ, but it works.

The name is Leslie. I'm a 30-something-ish wannabe blogger from California, currently living in the sunny state of Florida. I am a wife, a mom, an assistant manager of a store & a pretty big nerd. I am currently obsessed with Disney (passholder here!), Halloween Horror Nights, theater, running, sleeping, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, sushi & the pescatarian life. (That means I only eat fish for meat, though I'll splurge on a steak occasionally...)  I call myself a new-agey, hippie-like, pastel gothy, liberal/left Christian who has a hard time fitting in places. I do paranormal investigation, sing in choir, do plays/musicals, train for my first 5k (at DISNEY!) & generally try to make money to help my family survive & be able to do fun things. I am body positive, I've lost 40lbs, I take natural stuff to help with chronic pain & I am really into pastel pink, rose gold & that pretty light mint. I basically live on Diet Coke which is bad. I am kind of a lonely person, have maybe 3 really good friends & that's okay.

I'm currently under construction..

New and Confused

Hey, my name is Sean and I'm brand new to the LJ platform. Just learning to navigate and a bit unsure of the guidelines, so go easy on me if I step out of line...unless you think it might be better to teach me a lesson. A little discpline goes a long way. I mean, that's masturbation fodder for at least a week. I'm 20-something. Right now my job is to service customers at a local coffee shop. I love big tippers. Also, taking classes at community college a few nights a week. My interests are music, horror movies, reading, the paranormal, and playing guitar. I've recently ventured into producing some electronic music, but so I suck. I'm not pretentious and believe in being kind to others. Very kind, in fact. I'd give the clothes off my back to anyone and have done just that on too many occasions to count. Fair warning, some of the content in my journal will be explicit. The testosterone is raging and I have a hard time trying not to seduce, women, little old ladies and street bums...hell, I will try anything once. That stated, I'm harmless. On a more serious note, I'm working on some personal issues right now. PTSD to be specific. I was told journaling might help. So why not, right? It would be great to talk to like minded people,and I am definitely interested in interacting, reading your poetry or fiction. Don't care about age or background. Hit me up.