November 30th, 2018


New friends?

Hello from Midwest, USA!

I'm an early 30s something lady who considers herself to be 60% hermit and 40% socialite. I have a blast in either realm, but I feel the most sense of peace when I'm old lady-ing it up at home and exploring my internal world. INFJ, if you are an MBTI geek; with that comes a little bubblegum sunshine and also a little cynical sass. I'm comfortable with both light and dark material and have an understanding of how life isn't always summer peaches. At the moment, I've had a long streak of the "light" so I am enjoying it to it's fullest. I'm very interested in what's behind the curtain with people and I also love to share more than one facet of myself. With my journal I plan to write about my daily happenings — though I tend to enjoy writing more about what I think and feel, as opposed to a play by play about my day (though those are fun too). I have developed quite a zest for life and have been pushing myself to try new things. I'm interested in self growth and development, but not to an obnoxious extent. I have become more spiritual with age; if you consider gratitude lists and mindfulness walks a part of that whole dealio. I consider myself to be pretty easy going and goofy. People tell me I'm funny, which for some reason is my favorite compliment. I live with my long term significant other and an 8 year old cat. I consider him my first born son and one day he will inherit my lands. 

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